Book Review: All That Glitters, by Michael Murphy

Dwell in Possibility

All-That-GlittersThere’s nothing subtle about the Jake and Laura Mysteries, but that’s not a bad thing. They’re flashy, full of energy, and totally fun.

After all, they’re set in the 1930s, and All That Glitters is set in Hollywood. And the opening chapter is entitled “The Naughtiest, Bawdiest Year Yet,” which the reporters of the era apparently dubbed 1934.

So at least you know what you’re in for from the opening pages.

Jake and Laura are headed for Hollywood! Which sounds kind of…done…today, but imagine how exciting it was during the 1930s. Broadway star Laura is ready to take on Tinseltown, and her former detective/current novelist boyfriend Jake goes with her. She has a promising script in hand, and Jake reads over it on the train ride there. It’s, indeed promising, but Jake also sees weaknesses. *Sigh* Writers…

One thing Jake and Laura have to contend with — that they don’t…

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